Monday, 8 October 2012

What to do after leaving University

This is going to be a short blog post as I believe I know what I want to do after I have left University.

If you look at a previous blog post you will see a Gantt Chart of what I will be doing over the next University year, and this includes finalising my showreel by the end of February. This will give me some good leeway if things get behind during the year and also means I can work on other projects after the showreel is complete.

Once the showreel is complete I will be looking for feedback from other people in the Visual Effects Industry, but firstly I will be looking for feedback from fellow University students via the Facebook group and asking for feedback from lecturers.

Once I have a fully critiqued showreel and have improved it to standards that please everyone, I will then start looking to completely update my site with the showreel on and portfolio pieces. Furthermore, the showreel will be sent out to VFX Companies around the globe, mainly in the UK, America, Canada and Austrailia (and New Zealand).

The job I will be looking to get into is a Compositor position but I am fully aware, and I believe I am fully capable, of becoming a Runner first. The position looks very appealing as if I become a Compositor straight away, I don't have the knowledge of actually working within the Visual Effects Industry and could become overwhelmed. However, if I was to become a Runner, I would be able to get the knowledge of working within the Visual Effects Industry, make contacts and ask questions whilst also meeting clients and learn the film process.

Finally, I hope to achieve my first position within the VFX Industry by the end of 2012.

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