Saturday, 10 November 2012

Video Resume (Written)

The following is a breakdown of what happens in the How I Met Your Mother video resume, it will give me a much greater understanding of what to put into my showreel.

0:00 - 0:03


0:03 - 0:13

Intro of name appearing as if a sunrise.

0:13 - 0:35

Self Interview giving some good points about the character.

"Oh. Hello."

"Barney Stinson, you have achieved great success in business, athletics and personal relationships, and have been an inspiration to many people. What would you recommend to your numerous admirers who want to reach their highest potential?"

"The first thing to know about success is that it doesn't just come to you."

0:35 - 0:43

Appears on a motorbike giving a small speech and then revs the engine at the end.

"Most people associate success with money and power, but really, it's a state of mind.

0:43 - 0:48

Appears grooming a horse with another small speech.

"And when it comes to success, the only limit is that there are no limits."

0:48 - 1:15

Self Interview again giving some more character traits he holds.

"All my life I have dared to go past what is possible."

"To the impossible?"

"Actually past that ... to the place where the possible and the impossible meet to become ... the possimpossible. If I can leave you with one thought, it's this: nothing ... and everything ... is possimpossible.

1:15 - 1:40

Montage of various video footage.
  1. 4 planes doing maneuvers
  2. Someone doing a flip on a surfboard
  3. Cheetah running
  4. Monster Truck in the air
  5. Bomb Cloud
  6. Street Luge
  7. Cheetah growling
  8. Someone jumping off a cliff and when the parachute opens the word 'TRUSTWORTHY' appears instead of a parachute.
  9. Line of horse riders
  10. Very fast boat traveling across water.
  11. 2 planes doing maneuvers
  12. Dark sky with lightning that forms the word 'PUNCTUAL'
  13. Wave crashing over with the word 'AWESOME' appearing as if coming over the wave as well
  14. Fuel Truck with the word 'DETAIL-ORIENTED' on it falling and then exploding
  15. Chimp on roller skates
  16. Man and Chimp on roller skates spinning in circles
  17. The earth zooming out.

1:40 - 1:51

Zoom out from the earth for it to appear in the character's eye and fade out. Then zooms out from the character to be standing in front of an American flag with his name at the bottom and a 'HIRED' stamp displayed at 1:49

If I follow a similar time path, but changing a bit to make it more personal and aimed at the VFX Industry, it will come out at a perfect 2 minute showreel.

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