Sunday, 11 November 2012

Useful Links

While going through some linkedin emails I found some really useful information about entering the VFX Industry and how to survive in the long term.

13 Key Skills to Becoming a Great VFX Compositor

Above is a link that links to 13 different skills that will make you much more aware of what is required for becoming a good VFX Compositor.

10 Simple Steps to Becoming a VFX Compositor

Above is a link on 10 steps that will make me a better VFX Compositor.

Learning VFX Compositing Skills

Above is a few tutorials on skills that I need to know when entering the VFX Industry.

Runner Information

Above is a link to some more information on a Runner position.

Visual Effects Supervisor

Above is a link to an interview with HaZ who I met at the Visual Effects Festival and is full of good information.

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