Saturday, 10 November 2012

Showreel Storyboard (Written)

0:00 - 0:03

Something that catches the eye of the viewer, the video resume used an explosion but I need something that is all my own and unique. So if I was to do an explosion, it'd be best to do it with a Fluid Simulator or created myself.

0:03 - 0:13

Name appears with contact information (website and email address) through a matte painting that I created myself, so if it was to be a sunrise then the sky and ground have to be created uniquely by myself and then the sunrise, i.e my name, appears.

0:13 - 0:35

Similar interview to the video resume but the only part that is properly filmed will be me sitting on a chair while the background is matte painted (possibly not on time constraints) and the use of rotoscoping to put myself onto the background image. This will show my capabilities as a rotoscope artist to the viewer so as the interview is progressing I can have the background going through layers such as the original footage, keying, lighting, alpha, etc.

"Oh. Hello."

"Michael Dixon, you have achieved great success in business, academic and personal relationships, and have been an inspiration to many people. What would you recommend to your numerous admirers who want to reach their highest potential?"

"The first thing to know about success is that it doesn't just come to you."

0:35 - 0:43

I continue the interview with the speech below whilst standing somewhere creating an energy ball, this show my ability to do such a thing within nuke.

"Most people associate success with money and power, but really, it's a state of mind."

0:43 - 0:48

Continuing the speech, the camera could follow me through the flat whilst descriptions/titles/prices appear of the objects I am passing, similar to the Fight Club reference in my preference example of a showreel.

"And when it comes to success, the only limit is that there are no limits."

0:48 - 1:15

Back to the original interview scene, however, something different has to happen, such as a crackle and the background changes to all white (similar to the white background within The Matrix film). Shows that my lighting skills are good and I'm able to do various ways of rotoscoping.

"All my life I have dared to go past what is possible."

"To the impossible?"

"Actually past that ... to the place where the possible and the impossible meet to become ... the possimpossible. If I can leave you with one thought, it's this: nothing ... and everything ... is possimpossible."

1:15 - 1:35

This is the section that displays the spaceship flying through space with matte painted planets in the background.

1:35 - 1:50

Blood splatter and gun fire visual effects created by myself.

1:50 - 2:00

If the showreel ends with gun fire then I could have the camera follow the last bullet and have the camera rotate to the back of it and then fade in my eye and fade out the bullet while zooming out to reveal more of myself with my contact details along the bottom of the screen. A sky and waving UK flag in the background will be the final touch.

Note: This contains all aspects that were in my previous showreel example so this can work very uniquely.

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