Saturday, 29 September 2012

Analysing my Past Work

Below is my showreel at the end of my third year at university. Admittedly, it is very mediocre, nothing that is very eye-catching to potential employers but at the time of making it I had a different job role in mind, however, I have moved my focus back to the Film Industry and this showreel shows nothing that relates to the Film Industry and Compositing.

The beginning is a very simple picture fading in, with the same fade for my name and role. This needs changing into something different. I'm thinking of creating a video with a person doing hand movements and then my name and role appearing using visual effects, this gives an interesting beginning whilst showing my skills

The Back to the Future and Car models both have introductions of images flying in from each corner and then the centre has the title of the model. This is a very poor way to introduce each model as they should all flow into each other. So when my showreel is being put together throughout the year, I will be looking to make sure that each video flows into the next so as to keep it at pace with each other.

The Back to the Future scene is a very mediocre 3D scene, it does show my environmental skills but this should be the last as it isn't the best scene I can do with my time.

The Car, as a tutor said, is very toy-like, and is a very good start for my first car, however, if I was to become a better 3D car modeller I would need to continuously create good, better cars to showcase.

The other two scenes are not of good quality either.

Overall, this is a poor showreel, with very basic timing and After Effects usage. If I am going to improve, I need to focus on Compositing more, looking to be much more eye-catching to the employer, and then using After Effects to its greatest potential.

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