Friday, 28 September 2012

Website Design

To get properly noticed in the Games and Film Industries you need a website that easily showcases your best work as every company has Internet access making it very easy to just pass on a website address.

Through this blog entry I will be looking at a couple of VFX Artists' websites and how they showcase their work.

Gabriel Martin (Website)

This website is very sophisticated, technologically, however, I found it difficult to look for their work, and then there isn't a lot of work to be presented, yet they are still looking for freelance work. The website could be improved with a constant menu on the left to make it easier to navigate, whilst less sophisticated may mean that the webpages load up quicker, making less of a wait time to view the work.

Pedro Lara (Website)

This website is very simple but enjoyable to navigate through, and the main page has his showreel on, meaning that potential employers see their work straight away (A good point that I'm going to take away from this website). There really isn't much to discuss about this website as, personally, I think it is a good guide to work from.

Michael Dixon (Website)

This is my website at the moment. Admittedly, it is a very simple design with easy navigation but not very attractive to view and the one thing that a website needs to be is eye-catching and this just wont cut it. I will be looking for ways to improve the design, and make it easier to view as well over the coming weeks.

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