Sunday, 30 September 2012

VFX Company Showreel

Below I will be showcasing some of the VFX companies' showreels. All VFX companies showcase what they have done in the past so that potential employers can choose the best company to go with. It's all about making it easy for the employer.

Double Negative

The Mill

Moving Picture Company


The Visual Effects Company

These are just five of the companies within the UK, but there are numerous other visual effects companies worldwide. Although I would love to work at Double Negative, I just hope to be part of the Film Industry, and through determination and my skill set I hope to do just that.

The link below shows a map of VFX companies within London, however, I can search the entire world for companies, giving the chance to let me choose a company in my ideal destination.

VFX Company Map

I disagree with the list that is featured on Wikipedia as I've seen some VFX companies not feature on it, however, this list is probably the most well known VFX companies in the world, so until it is updated, here are 88 VFX Companies.

88 VFX Companies featured on Wikipedia

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