Saturday, 29 September 2012

Future Work

Over the coming weeks, I will be uploading sketches of different parts of my showreel that I hope to achieve before the end of February next year so I can start sending out my CV and showreel.

At the moment, I have four different part of my showreel that I hope to achieve.

  1. The beginning of the showreel that displays my name and job role I will be applying for. As mentioned in the previous post, I hope to get a video with the use of video effects to display my name as it will make for an eye-catching beginning and start to show off what I can do for the employer.
  2. The first compositing work will consist of a moving model on a flat background, such as a picture, to show my simple skills of visual effects. At the moment I have been working on a mechanical spider than crawls along my desk, and it looks good at the moment.
  3. The second compositing work will consist of a video and a model within the video, this will be similar to the work of Lammie Veracruz's showreel from Escape Studios, where the sound system is placed very well into a video. This will show off more complicated methods of visual effects, and also show my use of Boujou (or similar software).
  4. The third compositing work will be my most advanced piece of work. At the present moment I'm not quite sure what that will be, perhaps a video with my visual effects placed in or perhaps working with a Film Student and creating a short 30 second video that would be beneficial to both myself and them.
Referring to my Gantt Chart previously, it shows an end date for each of the parts (2,3,4) so I have a timescale for each project, and hope to stick to them for my end of February deadline for my showreel.

Throughout some more research, I will be able to understand what best to attract an employer's eye, and how I should go about doing that.

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