Thursday, 27 September 2012

First Lesson on PPD

The first lesson of PPD involved looking into four different places in the world and see how they affect the Games Industry, this ranged from group to group including wage and tax breaks.

The following presentations show what each group presented to the rest of us.

My group presented the Japanese Games Industry Presentation:

South East Asia Presentation:

Canada and Australia Presentation:

USA Presentation:

Collectively, the main points raised within the presentations included:
  •  Localisation
  • Advertising
  • Popular Genres
  • Popular Games
  • Game Ratings
  • Future of the Games Industry
  • Companies within the Region
  • Tax Breaks
  • Average Salaries
  • Games Industry Revenue
  • Statistics of the Games Industry
In my next post, I will be looking into the Film Industry in the UK using the above bullet points and see how the industry stands at the present time.

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