Sunday, 30 September 2012

Film Industry Revenue

Over the next few blog posts I will be going into more detail of the Visual Effects Industry and Film Industry in relation to the blog post titled 'Film Industry Presentation'. This will give me a greater understanding of the industries and a start into what I can put into my Kinetic Typography Video.

To begin the next few blog posts, I will be starting with the Film Industry revenue and how it has increased over the years.

There is a report (Link) that stats that in 2011 the total revenue of the movies and entertainment market was $90.1 billion, of which, box office sales were the biggest percentage taking in 37.3%, or £33.6 billion. Additionally, it looks towards the future that predicts that in 2016, the total revenue will reach $93 billion.

An interesting table of figures (Link)show that the Film Industry revenue has increased, but comparing it to previous years, it is fluctuating up and down between $10-13 billion (This is only ticket sales).


Year         Total (M)          2012-Adjusted (M)
2012        $3,859.80          $3,859.80
2011        $10,174.10        $10,161.27
2010        $10,565.50        $10,605.67
2009        $10,595.50        $11,188.85
2008        $9,630.70          $10,623.28
2007        $9,663.70          $11,124.49
2006        $9,209.50          $11,135.76
2005        $8,840.50          $10,923.05
2004        $9,380.50          $11,963.54
2003        $9,239.70          $12,135.73
2002        $9,155.00          $12,479.79
2001        $8,412.50          $11,771.55
2000        $7,661.00          $11,256.98

Although a lot of reports aren't up to 2012, however, it is possible to view the trend that is happening to the Film Industry revenue. This link (Link) shows three graphs of the state of the revenue from both the US domestic and worldwide revenues. Interestingly, it shows a decline of 5% of Box Office, DVD Sales and Rentals within the US, whilst if the International markets are included, the Box Office, DVD Sales and Rentals show a 54% increase over the previous decade. Additionally, throughout the past decade, the complete revenue of the Film Industry is 5%, with 2004 being the height of sales due to DVD becoming very popular well over $100 billion.

To conclude this blog post, there has been an increase in revenue but if this is compared to previous years, then there has been a steady decline in ticket sales. The public is also becoming aware of the 3D prices and not seeing that they're worth it. One thing to point out is that G.I. Joe 2 was pushed back 6 months to be converted to 3D to increase ticket sales (the cost of the ticket being up to $5 more than a normal priced ticket). So something needs to be done within the Film Industry to start increasing the revenue but in a better way.

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