Sunday, 30 September 2012

The VFX Capital

Through some more thorough research, I've found that London, unbelievably to me, is the VFX capital of the world. The fact that the VFX capital is in the UK and on my doorstep is brilliant news  as I have a huge opportunity in front of me. The one reason why I said 'unbelievably to me' above is that the biggest part of the Film Industry is Hollywood, so it surprises me that it would actually be in the UK.

Visual Effects can be used in nearly everything including commercials, TV series, music videos and video games, which is not surprising to someone who wants to become part of this industry. Throughout the past three years, the visual effects industry has grown by 70% showing an increase in demand in more detailed technologically stunning films, commercials, etc. According to some reports, almost 90% of the current film and commercial needs now warrant visual effects to enhance the viewer's experience. Therefore, London exports the largest number of commercials, totaling £2 billion in revenue.

Furthermore, if a modern film costs $100 million to produce then between 20-40% of that is given to visual effects companies. Double Negative, the largest VFX company with around 1,100 employees, receiving around 7 films a year could create $140-280 million in revenue.

So with the chance to work in the VFX capital on my doorstep, I have to start looking into how I can truly break into the industry.

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